Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Quite literally

The War on Drugs is looking more and more like, well, a war. Columbia, Mexico, now Jamaica. Legalise them and regulate them - it's the most moral thing to do. (Tax them too - think of the deficit).


Sean said...

And how would legalisation bring what is underground, into the overground , so to speak?

Is not the whole point of "drugs" is that they are counter culture, anti-establishment?

Fags are legal, but there is a massive underground network shipping them around, funding a lot of crime.

I really dont see how ever the argument might be appealing (And it is) that it would change much at all, we would still find stuff to fight about and digest.

Kids start smoking as a signal that they have reached sexual maturity, you cant change the human psyche very much, the way we are is the way we are.

Gaw said...

I'd compare it to the ending of Prohibition in the US. Fags have gone underground somewhat as the tax is so massive on them.

Perhaps kids would go back to rebelling by having a mohican?

zmkc said...

I agree with you Gaw