Monday, 17 May 2010

Robin who?

It's a relief to read snappy and decisive reviews like this:
Wow. What a mess. Remember when Ridley Scott directed good movies? Among other things, this film features the bizarre decision to do an interpretation of Robin Hood who (a) is not called “Robin Hood,” (b) doesn’t steal from the rich to give to the poor, (c) doesn’t live in Sherwood Forest, and (d) doesn’t fight with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Instead you get a boring and historically confused account of the First Baron’s War.

Oh, and (e) he has an Irish accent.

I wasn't sure the world really needed another Robin Hood movie (not that this has turned out to be one). But having enjoyed Gladiator I thought I might give it a go. Now I don't have to feel self-critical about not bothering.

H/t for the Oirishry: TFAD.


worm said...

I would far rather see 'Hot Tub Timemachine' than this po-faced rehash of Gladiator

Brit said...

The reviews in the Times and ST have been positive.

malty said...

Great idea, Wussel doing Wobin in an intermittent Irish accent, who knows possibly the original was a Guinness swilling, rebel song singing republican. Scotty of course, a Geordie who studied in West Hartlepool. Hartlepool town famous for hanging a monkey they thought was a German spy.
No wonder we had movies like Blade Runner.

Must rush, dropping junior off at Edinburgh Airport, he has a large St Christopher under his arm.

Gaw said...

I think I'll wait for the DVD.