Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Secret Affair

I acquired my Penthouse and Pavement LP by swapping it for a Nine Below Zero LP (we used to do a lot of barter - I remember swapping a pair of burgundy shoes for a bottle of Drambuie and a fiver). I made the trade, which I thought was quite a good one - I was selling a sinking band for a rising one - as I was on the turn from being a mod to being something else. I'm not sure this something else had a name, other than the catch-all New Romantic. I bought a zoot(-ish) suit from Oxfam, some burgundy shoes (those ones), grew my hair, learnt that swinging arm dance and the job was done.

Being a mod involved a lot of hassle - being chased by grebos and skinheads who all seemed to be bigger, hairier and uglier than we 'little mods'. Also following something a bit artier seemed a good move as that's what the older girls were into.

Before being a mod I'd been a rude boy, which like being a New Romantic also didn't seem to provoke people as much. It's perhaps no coincidence that both ska and electronica have worn very well. But mod, not so much. There's something a little bit irritating even about The Jam.

As for the some of the other groups, well judge for yourself. Here's 'My World' by Secret Affair. I still get a thrill hearing it but that may just be an echo of the adrenalin rush I got from being chased through the market place by leather-clad greasers.


Sean said...

I never really got beyond Remain in Light by the talking heads.

This allowed me to hang out with all the different crowds,

Tues night Techno punk with the Cabaret Voltaire (where i would lie about my admiration for Throbbing Gristle)

Wed, Headbanging with Def Leppard and Saxon, always keep the hard cases onside.

Thur, Night in with headache, Listening to the Heads.

Fri/Sat The Girls come to to play, so Techno, League, Heaven 17,revillos, and if we could get away with it Devo (whip it, always did the trick)

Sun, pub all day playing pool, talking cars, girls, scams and jokes. encouraging the wrong sort of people to move on by our selections on the juke box.

Mon, start the week...listen all day to the heads, avoid questions from mum about girls.

Btw Garth, Not bad but the Godfathers were better.

Sean said...

also.. FG Thang was I am very reliably informed a repost to Throbbing Gristle and their use of Nazi imagery in there performances....although they carefully avoided mentioning such in the Docu.

You cant upset Richard H. Kirk, who is/was a mate of Genesis P-Orridge.

Gaw said...

Quite a full week of events there. I hope your school work didn't suffer.

Throbbing Gristle's music was about as attractive as their name.

Sean said...

Well I was down to go to Keele, but I had a relative who went there and came out a Marxist thug, I just did not buy into the Thatcher hate culture, so it was the RAF for me, I wanted to join the Paras but mum did not like the idea of me going to Northern Ireland,..I enjoyed the 4 years loafing about deciding. I had pretty much worked out at 14 you only really needed maths,physics and history everything else you can scam .

Vern said...

There's not much need to go beyond Remain in Light, as far as the Heads' work is concerned. Stop Making Sense is good, but it's been a very long twilight ever since as far as David Byrne, now reduced to suing Republican governors, is concerned.