Sunday, 30 May 2010

A simple story about multicoloured zombies with Walkmen

Look and marvel (from here - there are many more). They're book covers from an Indian print-on-demand publisher.

I like this comment from the blog about the one above, Kipling's Kim: least that one has a cover which recognises that, at heart, it's just a simple story about multicoloured zombies with Walkmen.

H/t Scott.


Nige said...

Oh those are fantastic! I loved the Father Goriot - and the Chopin and the John Quincy Adams... LOL as they say

worm said...

Treasure island would have been so much better if it did actually feature bicycles

Gaw said...

Nige: Spoilt for choice. Some are unimprovable.

Worm: I never finished it, which probably helps prove your point.

Brit said...