Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wish you were here?

There's something about these photos that's affecting but it's not the sight of 'people having a good time being alive'.


worm said...

very Martin Parr!

Although interested to see that you frequent the Urban75 blog - I thought Urban75 was a place for ultra leftwing crusties to talk about setting fire to policemen and their next pro-tibet muesli-weaving demo?

Gaw said...

Has Martin Parr always been famous or is he currently enjoying a much-raised profile? I keep coming across his name.

I aspire to broad-mindedness.

worm said...

I think he's been famous for quite a while (20 years or so) You probably keep bumping into his name because his style of quirky, kitsch, naff photography has become almost ubiquitous at the moment. What sunday supplement is complete without an article on trendy seaside resorts/boutique B&B's illustrated with photos of a lone icecream van on the shingle and a fat man in a red stripy deckchair?