Monday, 14 June 2010

Being careful with what you watch

Apparently, the 21.9% increase in non-food retail sales last month was driven by televisions bought to watch the World Cup. I experienced an unreasonably warm glow on reading this news. I worked out that we'd bought one TV since we'd been home owners. So that's one in fourteen years (a £200 Sony).

I feel smug not because I look down on TV - I don't (well, not much). I pretty much watch it daily and after most of a lifetime of daily viewing it provides a good part of my mental furniture. I'm also doing my bit to ensure my children turn out the same (thank God for the respite offered by Nick Jr. - even if it is named after the devil's spawn).

No, I get a warm feeling because - despite my love of fine food and wines and the occasional expensive piece of clothing and not forgetting the odd tropical holiday - I have a streak of miserliness. I love having deprived those manufacturers of electrical goods hundreds of pounds over the years.

But I'm having to battle to keep things this way. We currently watch a wide-screen TV, kindly given to me by my brother because he wanted something slimmer (his cast-off is improbably heavy, as if it's full of boulders, and it's almost as deep as it is wide - in fact, it could have been called a deep-screen TV). Unfortunately, T, too, would now like something slimmer and more aesthetic.

I'm basing my opposition on practical grounds:  But you can't see the back anyway! The couple of feet of space we'd save, being behind the TV (obviously) and in the corner of the room, is totally useless to us! And, of course, it almost goes without saying, we can't afford it!

Anyway, I'm sure the thing will break down eventually or perhaps become obsolete or illegal in ways we can't now foresee. A new one will then be our only option, TV repair being a lost craft. And if we're lucky it will be before next year's Rugby World Cup.


worm said...

It's amazing to see the huge mountain of previously expensive and desirable TV's down at our local recycling centre. Even though they're perfectly good, I suppose they all just get smashed up..

Talking of rugby - did you see the NZ-Ireland game?? It was amazing!!!

Brit said...

Yes our telly is as deep as it is wide... the problem is that they keep innovating. So should I spend money on an HD telly when it will soon be superceded by 3-D or holograms or something?

I might fork out for a telly with a vuvuzela-eliminating function though...

Gaw said...

I'm holding out for 3-D Smellyvision.

Worm, I didn't - I was at a wedding. Sounded lively!

malty said...

Same up here worm, and why are they all silver? Our 20 year old B&O, is still doing sterling service in a guest bedroom, it went wonky last year and can still be repaired.
My sons Portugese friend, living in a tiny Koln apartment has a fifty inch monster, a television complete with apartment!

Sean said...

Dont worry Garth, my tribe has more than made up for your telly poverty. We have 5, including one for outdoors when sitting in the hot tub.

In fact we got a brand new one just last week for the bedroom, so I don't miss a single High Definition World cup howler.Pretty fantstic btw

And Brit might wish to go for it too as it has a Dolby Function that equalizers out the annoying volume increase in adverts, so too it seems the vuvuzela (a result!)

Sorry but you have just missed the world cup offer, which is if Ingerland win the bloody thing, you get your cash back. No doubt we will celebrate with another telly.

malty said...

Carphone whorehouse are offering a free 32" set when you buy a phone, fancy that, go in for a mobile, come out with a telly under your arm.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, would prefer something "slimmer and more aesthetic". Perhaps I'm not just thinking about television sets......T x

Hey Skipper said...

Any TV is widescreen if you sit close enough.