Thursday, 24 June 2010

A bird's eye view

The Economist reports that Dubai's airport has leapt to become the third biggest handler of international passengers in the world this year (after Heathrow and Hong Kong). A corollary of this is that Emirates is on course to become the biggest long-haul airline in the world.  And profitably - it made $1bn last year, a very tough one for airlines.

All of which prompts Thomas PM Barnett to offer this prediction:
Twenty years from now, Emirates Airline will be better known than al Qaeda, and far more powerful a force in enabling globalization's spread than al Qaeda has been in trying to stop it.


worm said...

I once had the great fortune to fly long haul on emirates and it was definately the best plane I've ever been on. Although they offered us food and drinks so often it actually became annoying as I couldn't get off to sleep without thinking 'hmm, yes, maybe I have got room for that sushi..

Sean said...

...and great to work for,

Gaw said...

Worm: Suchi seems such a good food to eat on an aeroplane. Shame it's beyond the reach of most tickets.

Sean: Are they? I didn't know that.