Friday, 25 June 2010

Glorious failures are us

I have a feeling that Nicolas Mahut would be better off if he were British. We love glorious failure and after a failure as glorious as his, I suspect he'd be made for life. If Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards achieved fame by falling off a ski jump imagine how far such an extraordinary, record-breaking loser could get - possibly further than he would if he'd won the tournament.


Sean said...

Probably why everyone is warming to the Argie Fat Git. Flawed genius, terrible life outside of football ect.ect.

He has had to become a loser for us not to begrudge him his resurrection. And being bitten by a dog in the one true way into every Englishman's heart.

And the suits, He looks like an Argie version of delboy who has had a good payday and thought if he got himself a good suit he might get another one.

Gaw said...

Truth really will be stranger than fiction if the little fella ends up lifting the World Cup. And you wouldn't bet against it.

mahlerman said...

How did Maradona elbow his way into this conversation? The French, or so it seems, have a very grown-up attitude to failure - most recently Domenech's blank shrug as his team unravelled in front of him. I suppose they won the Revolution but, like the footie boys, they were fighting each other; nearly every other war they have been involved in, from the Gallic Wars onward, they have lost.
Mahut is a mid-ranking player of sublime skills, and we have nobody, save the Scot, who would be fit to lace his pumps. Can you imagine the media pantomime that would have exploded if he had been a Brit? What a field-day for the Red Tops! Instead he could be spotted yesterday, modestly seated in the crowd, supporting (unsuccessfully) his friend Clement against Federer.
How French

Sean said...

The Argie fat git is winner that become a loser, that looks like being a winner again.

We only like Franz Beckenbauer because he was a loser in 66. By losing he is one of us and not a snooty German.

Gaw said...

Mahlerman: You may have missed Sarko summoning Thierry Henry to the Elysee before vowing to personally get to the bottom of the French disaster.

I don't know if you remember but the rugby team used to blow up quite regularly (most recently at the prompting of a nasty little bugger called Moore). They stopped doing it about fifteen years ago and the game is much the worse for it.

Sean: Like Franz Beckenbauer? You should borrow one of your lad's tabloids one day...