Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The limits of a vulpine education

The fox story. I'd been expecting it to happen. Anyone familiar with foxes and with how common they are in central London would be. That is, apart from this fox expert, the only one quoted in the BBC online report:
John Bryant, a pest control consultant who specialises in foxes, said the attack did not sound like typical fox behaviour.
He said: "They will walk into houses, walk round, mess on the bathroom floor and sometimes sleep on the bed if people are not around.
"It just doesn't make any sense to me."

So why exactly wouldn't a hungry, scavenging predator, who'd lost all fear of man... well, you know the rest. What manner of pest control consultant is this? Dear reader, I googled him.

J Bryant doesn't kill or even remove foxes:
Humane deterrence techniques allow the nuisance animals to remain in their territory, but ‘educates' them to either change the behaviour that is causing a problem, or to avoid the location or property where they are causing a nuisance.

Presumably, he would get close enough to apply any homeopathic remedies that might be needed, clearing up an outstanding query. Though I don't expect he'll be doing so much business now:
Since the incident pest controllers set fox traps in the back garden of the house. A fox was discovered in one of the traps on Sunday night and was destroyed by a vet.


zmkc said...

I think you should set up a new hunt and become Master of Hounds for Islington. Perhaps instead of horses, participants could ride out on folding scooters.

Brit said...

Ah, another expert.

Here 'expert' in the sense that George Galloway is a 'Middle East expert'.

worm said...


Gaw said...

z: My support of hunting has always been firmly theoretical. And it would remain so even if I had the chance to choose a Vespa as my mount.

Brit: I would hesitate to compare anyone like Mr Bryant to the infamous Galloway. GG is a few circles below being naive and misguided.

Worm: Pithy but apposite.

malty said...

There must be something in the blood of bug men, AKA pest control officers, some weeks ago the resident stoats decided to include our loft in the daily foraging route, the noise was amazing, thinking the highly unlikely, that they may have set up shop in the loft, we contacted the local BM asking how we could discourage the little rascals. 'I'll have to come over' he said, 'it definitely won't be stoats.'
Standing outside of the house he was still in denial as the stoat emerged from beneath the guttering, bounded across the porch roof, shinned down the wisteria and nonchalantly jogged across the lawn. 'Never seen that before, nice place you've got here, wildlife paradise. After he had vamoosed, sans advice, the wife needed coupling up to the cyclotron to recover from the giggles.

The stoats have been with us for fourteen years, we have an understanding, we ignore each other, just like big city neighbours.

Gaw said...

Malty: Sounds like Ring of Bright Water but with stoats.