Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Riddles wrapped in mysteries, etc.

The culture that is Russia. This is very good. However, further description will not add anything to the experience of watching and listening:

A bit off-topic but for some reason the name of the psychiatrist mentioned in the post from last week, which featured the sad but knifeable academic, is sticking in my mind. Her name was Lenore Boling.

Is it because I picture her looking like Tony Soprano's foxy psychiatrist? Partly. But I think it really is mostly her name that's making her memorable. Lenore Boling. The name of a character in some novel, perhaps by William Boyd. I suppose it evokes fabric conditioner (Lenor) and evisceration (disem-), a pairing that seems appropriate for a psychiatrist. It may also be the anagrams:
Looner Leg Bin
Been Ringo LOL
Glib Noon Reel
Eel-born Lingo
Bling 'Ere Loon
Len Bingo Role
Booger in Nell
Nil Lone Grebo

 And then there's Dr Lenore Boling...

H/t LDN Calling.

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