Monday, 14 June 2010

Today's health advice

From the BBC News Health page:

- Don't breathe in windscreen wiper water (or if you do make sure it contains screenwash)

- Don't take showers (or don't breathe in showers)

- Do drink lots of tea (yes, just normal tea)

- If you're Scottish ignore the above as you're probably fucked in any event

Got that? Now carry on. More soon.


malty said...

Next time I travel on the cars roof I will jolly well keep my mouth shut. Actually it's a load of hogwash, I worked closely for a while with a guy who was 'one of the leading experts' on the conditions that lead to Legionella bacterium developing, there is no way that the water in a windscreen washer bottle can maintain the narrow temperature envelope required with still conditions needed in a volume of water with a large surface area for a long enough period to allow the bacterium to develop.
We can assume that the brother in law of Dr Isabel Oliver owns a company producing screenwash.
Once again the BBC acts simply as the message stick carrier.
As for the Scots, that's a no-brainer for sure, they eat pasties stuffed inside of rolls, washed down with Irn Bru whilst laughing at Frankie Boyle's jokes. At last weekends Hawick common riding the consumption of rum and whisky started at four AM Saturday and carried on untill midnight.

Gaw said...

God, I wish I knew about science, engineering and all that good stuff. But I never had the maths for the sciencing.

I always assumed the Border folk would live healthy outdoor lives, not having factored in the consumption of vast quantities of alcohol there as well. Wonderful country.

Sean said...

Just stick to the tea and red wine Garth, tannin is natures preservative. Your teeth will suffer though.

As for the peer review needs flushing down the toilet, a bit like the credit ratings agency, they play to their respective markets, retrospectively.

Brit said...

Health stories have got to be the number one stand-by BBC space-filler, haven't they?