Thursday, 1 July 2010

'Anyway, we delivered the bombs...'

Some movie critics - those with a concern for seriousness - blame 'Jaws' for ruining American cinema: it was the original blockbuster and the one that made busting blocks the be-all and end-all of film production. In doing so, it arguably killed the last golden age of creativity in Hollywood, that period covered by Peter Biskind's highly enjoyable 'Easy Riders, Raging Bulls'.

However, 'Jaws' was a considerable bit of movie-making. This clip and piece of useful exposition explains one of the reasons why. It culminates in one of those moments when you feel the meaning of the phrase 'spine-tingling':
So eleven hundred men went in the water, three hundred and sixteen come out, the sharks took the rest, June the twenty ninth, 1945.' Quint takes a drink. 'Anyway, we delivered the bombs...

(Note also how effectively Shaw plays drunk - subtly understated but pitch perfect.)


Sean said...

Come one, every time you take your holiday paddle in Padstow you think about it dont you?

Maybe you could really earn some cash and write the script of "fox" (cant think of a better title at the mo) about rouge killer London foxes?

In parts of Southern Africa there are reports that Hyenas are getting a taste for humans. When dogs learn ,they learn!

The old ideas are always the bankers.

Gaw said...

I have a phobia about sharks which prevents me from going out of my depth in the sea. And the sea anywhere, even off Padstow - esp, after the Great White rumours a couple of years ago.

There was a fantastic collection of photos I saw somewhere of Nigerians who keep hyenas as pets - or more properly as auxiliary weapons, like our own bulldogs. They're absolutely huge - much bigger than they seem on TV when you judge their size against their prey or a lion - with massive neck, shoulder and jaw muscles. They'd finish one of us off in no time.

Sean said...

There is no Great Whites in Cornwall, it a wheeze by the tourist board every time the numbers drop off a little. Or indeed the Sun when it runs out of stories in the summer.

The pic on my profile is my late brother telling me how he escaped a great white by inches at Ningaloo reef WA a few years ago.

My phobia is Crocs. Cable Beach in Broome (not far from Darwin) has a crocodile patrol on the beach, and the salties do come up for a ice cream.

yup the Hyenas are seriously nasty buggers and they eat the whole caucus in minutes, I could not think of a worse way to die,eaten alive by Hyenas, and just like the fox and other dogs they will play with their half dead pray first.

Bull terriers get their name from bull baiting, which was a way of tenderising the meat.

Brit said...

I think a hell of a lot of ocean-swimming phobias can be specifically attributed to that awful opening scene of Jaws where the girl is yanked about by the unseen horror.

I've largely got over it now but as a kid it affected me so much I sometimes got the fear in the deep end of Eastney swimming baths.