Thursday, 1 July 2010


As you may have noticed, I've started contributing a few posts to arts and culture blog 'Touching from a Distance' (however, I haven't always remembered to point this out when I've put them up). It's now been taken over by The Spectator and the lure of the big time means I'll probably cross-post a bit more over there. (Incidentally, the arrival at the venerable Speccie of a blog that covers pop music and other aspects of post-WW2 cultural life hasn't been, ahem, universally welcomed - read these comments, they make our Sean come across like Jeannette Winterson).

The mysterious 'T.', who's featured occasionally on this blog, has been persuaded to enter fully the bright lights of the virtual world. Her post on the new Woody Allen film is here.


Barendina Smedley said...

Re those Coffee House comments, ought one to laugh or cry? There are plenty of people out there who might well be accused of evincing a 'nauseatingly post-modern mixture of smug condescension and ignorance' - but in that case the commentator really did misjudge her target!

Well, I'll certainly keep an eye on TFAD - noting only in passing that none of the Coffee House types seemed to realise that the title was a quotation from something else, which certainly tells one something about the demographic there - not least because the mysterious T, in addition to her other achievements, turns out to write extremely well, e.g. the internal tension in that Woody Allen piece (had Allen changed? had T changed? who was being nostalgic for what?) lifted it considerably above even the good end of the average broadsheet film reviews.

worm said...

great stuff Gaw, your v.high quality writing deserves a wider audience!!

Sean said...

Thanks Garth,

I was at Wimbledon yesterday in the company of a few arty farty London types. On the drunken way back to the car (wife sober of course) I spotted a few foxes and the thought crossed my mind "If I brought the gun would I have saved enough cartridges for the foxes"

Good luck btw.

Gaw said...

Barendina: Just not concentrating are they? I responded a few times and my last comment ended with:

' do realise Mark Alexander is one of the few artists alive still working in the traditions of the Old Masters, don't you? Consequently, the reactions here have all been quite bizarre.'

Thanks for the kind words about T. Even though she's an old hand (!) she still likes a bit of boosting - I mean, who doesn't?

Worm: Thanks old chap.

Sean: I hope you tried to persuade the wife to run the buggers over.