Friday, 2 July 2010

How to get on with the locals and impress your children on holiday

An Englishman - P. Oborne of the Mail - explains how to ingratiate yourself with bar owners, restaurateurs and retailers when holidaying on the Continent:
Anyone planning to travel to Eurozone countries during the summer should consider what has previously been unthinkable - the fate of euro notes and coins if the single currency falls apart. 
Certainly, on my travels, I'm going to be wary of accepting euro notes with serial numbers that are prefixed with the letters Y (coming from Greece) or M (from Portugal). 
I shall also strongly steer clear of notes with the serial numbers starting G (Cyprus), S (Italy), V ( Spain), T ( Ireland) and F (Malta). 
This might sound as if I'm being ridiculously alarmist, but you cannot be too careful.

Imagine lunch at the taverna. His kids are really going to hate him.

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