Monday, 26 July 2010

Persuading history to be kind

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's account of the global financial crisis is to be published in November.
Mr Brown said the book would "explain how we got here"...

This seems to have been the former PM's first priority on leaving office. As Winston Churchill said, 'History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.' Brown does, however, have something of a steeper hill to climb.


Sean said...

What a twat.

The whole point of the crash was not whether you saw it coming or not, but whether standing in the middle of the road for prolonged periods of time is a good idea for continued survival.

A man driven by hate that drove him to recklessness is what history will say.

Gaw said...

There'll be a ding-dong down the road with Darling about who should have the credit for coming up with the idea to rescue the banks. The truth is that it was forced upon them - they had nothing left, if you remember. And the way they did it was bound to have been formulated by some bods in the Treasury working with some hired investment bankers.

Sean said...

It was George Osborne who first said "we might have to consider the Swedish option" in June 08.

Anyways the time to have acted was April 08 when the short sellers arrived to lop the banks heads off. sort of Bear Sterns time.

Acting then would have been cheaper, the summer of 08 is when the gangrene set in the wound.

Often its not what you do that is important its when you do it.

malty said...

Just read The Third Man.

"look mommy, what a good boy I am."
"yes Peter dear, now put down the manifesto and pull up your trousers, there's a good chap."

It tells little of what we didn't already know or could reasonably guess, that Balls, Campbell and the other acolytes were and are sewer rats and Brown himself the greatest disaster since the second world war. One hell of a bunch of sad bastards with the saddest, baddest of all at the top.
Any memoirs this bloke brings out will be borne of smouldering hatred of his fellow man.

What I didn't know was that Pete baby holidayed with Jon Snow, kina explains things.

jonathan law said...

"The profits will go to charities associated with the Brown family."

Suspect this isn't true of Mandy's book and won't be true of TB's?

Gaw said...

Sean: You're right - there was nothing original about the solution.

Malty: You're a brave man or something of a masochist. I can't imagine reading the Third Man unless it was for professional reasons.

BTW Jon Snow is very much on the left as his bio demonstrates. Nevertheless, a brilliant journalist.

Jonathan: Even Brown hasn't got a full house of faults. Simon Hoggart (I think) had a good comparison of former PMs in his Guardian diary last Saturday: shortly after seeing Blair screaming down Edgware Rd in a speeding motorcade he heard of Brown being dropped off somewhere by a minicab accompanied by a single body guard.

malty said...

Gaw, since 1997 the wife has had her patience sorely tried as she watched me endlessly muttering at the screen every time Peter appeared, the book is her way of saying serve you right, you miserable old sod. It would have taken a braver man than I not to have picked up the book and perused the contents.
Snow is a good journalist, 'tis a pity he has to work for C4 news and toe the corporate line 'we hate our country'

Gaw said...

Malty: If I may say so, your wife has a wicked sense of humour!

Jon Snow is a conviction lefty - he's not toeing an editorial line. He's quite a far-left lefty too. But he has intelligence, integrity and is very civil.