Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Unedifiication abounds

Mandelson retails more unedifying stuff on the last Government. Most of the Cabinet believed they were 'fucked'. Why? Douglas Alexander:
Everything we face comes back to leadership. Everything.

And the doubts were widespread from the very beginning. So why was D Milliband so reluctant to challenge Brown when Blair stood down?
Mandelson offers some support for David Miliband, who has faced criticism for failing to accept Blair's advice to challenge Brown for the Labour leadership in 2007. "I think he felt that entering a leadership race at that stage would be like entering a football match when you are already four nil down with only 35 minutes left to play."

Hardly the sort of courageous, never-say-die player you want on your team is it? "No, boss. I'm not going on as we're losing too badly". Even if he'd run and lost - as was, indeed, probable - he'd have done everyone in his party a favour: Brown's legitimacy would have been bolstered and he would have established his credentials as an alternative leader.

Mandelson's comment also suggests that D Milliband's reasons for ducking out of subsequent challenges were similarly, let us say, prudential. (And by the way, can you believe such an interjection can be thought of as 'support'?)


Sean said...

I can hardly bring myself to look or listen to any of them, they disgust me, Has any of them apologised yet?

Gadjo Dilo said...

"Everything we face comes back to leadership" is a bit wanky, though, isn't it? If you're leading a bunch of workshy oafs who are clever enough to find the detours around all types of responsibility, then even Napoleon might have faltered. Just my penny's worth, and bear in mind that I know nothing about any of wnat's been going on, ever.

malty said...

Anyone wishing to back diddy David should take the time and visit his So Shields constituency, the land that time forgot, has been a socialist ghetto since time immemorial. Underdeveloped, underemployed, underfunded, under the labour boot. The council, had it twice as many brains would still be half witted, it has recently dumped, sorry privatised, some of its services onto, wait for it, BT, that most useless of British companies.

Gaw said...

Sean: Andy Burnham is the only one who's said anything of interest.

Gadjo: I dunno. I tend to think leadership is hugely important. Rabbles can be turned into armies.

Malty: Good lord, BT! I struggle to imagine how anyone might volunteer to be put in their hands. Good lord, again.

Gadjo Dilo said...

I hate to disagree with you on almost anything, Gaw, but I have the feeling that Culture is at least as important. I'm almost totally inexperienced as a leader yet have recently been given two young Romanians to mange. They've been a total delight, seeing no reason not to work hard and do the best job they can. when I think of how I could have managed the lazy arses I used to work with at the health Service in UK - who've had so hated to lose their "slacker cool" - I shudder.

Gaw said...

Mu guess is that we agree that both culture and leadership is important and that without one of them the situation is pretty hopeless. I think the last Labour Govt would have done better with better leadership. They had a culture of discipline and 'followership', which was a lot of what New Labour was about. But we'll never know!