Tuesday, 3 August 2010

An anti-iPad device

Hey, what's this? Tyler Brûlé, editor-in-chief of impossibly fashionable Monocle magazine, has launched a summer newspaper. The Evening Standard reports:
The electronic tablet is dead. Long live the newspaper.
Tyler Brûlé, editor of Monocle and self-appointed arbiter of cool, has launched a new summer offshoot of his monthly style magazine. He has produced what he is calling a summer newspaper, a 64-page broadsheet-sized read called Monocle Mediterraneo.
Clearly Brûlé, founder of Wallpaper* magazine, would like his well-heeled readers to pick the paper up as they swan around the Côte d'Azur and Sardinia.
Says Brûlé: “There's a huge amount of talk about the death of print, thanks to various types of 'pad' devices. But if you think of summer — with sand, swimming, sun cream and socialising — a carefully crafted newspaper is more useful and reader-friendly than a backlit screen that hates the sun and salt.”
But the Monocle man is surely mistaken. A newspaper is not just for summer, it's the perfect handheld wireless device for all year round…

That was the Evening Standard so they have a yacht in this race.

He describes the newspaper as an 'anti-iPad device'. It seems to be working: he reckons the venture has already made money before a copy has been sold. Luxury advertisers have been keen to buy space. It's priced at £7 online and €5 from newstands.

I wonder how you get to be 'a self-appointed arbiter of cool'? Sounds useful when you have a newspaper to plug (see right). But if you have to ask...


malty said...

Obviously Brûlé is the crème de la crème in fact a right crème Brûlé, AA Gill's cousin?
The snottiest of the cools is Christophorus, Porsche's in houser, the ultimate waiting room read.

Frank Key said...

The clue is in "self-appointed". For a masterclass in the art, see the "About" section on the website of Ken Livingstone's old mucker Lee Jasper, where we are informed that Jasper is "considered the foremost black man of his generation" and also "one the finest black orators of his generation". See how easy it is?

Gaw said...

Malty: Yes, there does seem to be a similarity there. Could there be a genetic basis for Gillism? I find that disturbing.

Frank: How foolish of me not to see that! Such naivety was always going to spell the doom of my arbiting ambitions.

BTW Jasper's site - updated since the presidential election of 2008, I wonder?

Recusant said...

Frank, I just popped over to have a look. In the words of my teenage daughter.. "Oh My God!"

It's car crash vanity, with egregious errors of grammar and spelling just to hammer the point home.

He has a winning line in argument with all who disagree with him though: it is 'coz they's is racist.