Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Here he is on his cancer. I won't quote anything as it's all quotable. Stupendously good writing - and I say that as the sort of squeamish person who tends to avoid reading about illness.


Hey Skipper said...

You are right, it is stupendously good writing.

That he writes so much better than any version of God ever has seems a decent argument all on its own for atheism.

Gaw said...

King James Bible? Book of Common Prayer? Along with Shakespeare they invented English literature.

Hey Skipper said...

Who wrote the King James Bible or the Book of Common Prayer?

Gaw said...

More than one person. But I don't know who.

Hey Skipper said...

I'm sorry, my first response wasn't well put.

The Bible in its original Hebrew was, or at least the Divinely Revealed bits, anyway, written by God.

Everything else by man.

So, while there is no denying that the KJB and BOCP are very well written, they are very well written by men.

The God Revealed bits do not fare particularly well in comparison, hence the argument by authorial ineptitude for atheism.