Friday, 13 August 2010


I'm on holiday for a while and don't expect to be doing much blogging at all until the beginning of September. However, I've stockpiled a few at The Dabbler, the blog that's a holiday in itself. I suggest you pop over there, pour yourself a long drink and relax into a lounger.

I'll be back for a couple of days the beginning of the week after next and will post out Illuminating a Small Field (see sidebar) blogpaper orders received after today then.

As I intend to sit by a pool in the South of France for a lot of the time I shall leave you with Grace Jones' Private Life, which reached the charts around about 30 years ago this month. Great poolside music and with one of the best uses of French in a pop song: 'J'en ai marre with your theatrics'. That must hurt.

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Gadjo Dilo said...

Have a great hol, Mr Gaw! Though, I must be honest, I preferred Our Gracie when she was singing Sally in Our Alley.