Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sean bait

Here. Serve with silver cruets full of Henderson's Relish.


jonathan law said...

Or here (for a certain ghost).

Gaw said...

Ah, the vegetarian option.

Sean said...

Strangely enough I got home Friday tea time after a pig of week, and got myself a nice ale out of the cellar (too cold out of the fridge) , a Beres pork pie out of the fridge, and switched the internet on, and what do I find?

How are supposed to warm that pork pie up then?...and you dont have relish with pork pie, it's mustard (English, as if i need to remind you of that!)only. But then southerners or even adopted ones are not going to know that.

Nothing beats a fine butchers shop window, especially when I am being forced fed Pizza this gloomy Friday evening. I will re-read the history tab on the Beres pork shop web site for comfort.

Gaw said...

I pity your wife, Sean. Nothing's ever quite right for you, not even a triple decker pork pie.

BTW how's the Carter concrete venture coming along? I've taken a couple of orders without even marketing it.

Sean said...

Well its not really my gig, just hiring them a bit of plant and hydraulics. I will get the dust pan and brush out when they get back.

But if its relics you are after for your modern version of a medieval show, then I might be able to fix you up with a few bones, while the "experts" are not looking.

Attention to detail might be soul destroying at time Garth, but when you get it right, especially with food, its pure deliverance.