Saturday, 7 August 2010


A couple of short DVD reviews. Or rather observations about two DVDs, for what they're worth.

An Education is as good as Lynn Barber's book. It's based on the first part of the memoir, which had originally been a freestanding anecdote recounted in Granta. Interesting how Barber has spun so much from one short piece of writing. Good on her: a real professional.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is nearly wholly ruined by the worst voiceover I've ever encountered: in many parts it's little better than crass, irritating and redundant narration. At one point we thought we had the audio-description activated.

How ever did Woody think it was a good idea? Was he looking for a way to participate more noticeably in the film (he didn't appear in it, nor did a Woody cipher)? Something blinded him to its awfulness and vanity always seems to perform that trick mercilessly. Or was it driven by a commercial concern for accessibility and imposed by a cloth-eared producer?

Whatever, it's a shame: there's a very good film in there struggling to escape being button-holed by a man with a mike. And, in any event, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem are, of course, fantastically watchable. Their very evident chemistry made this recent event predictable.


Sean said...

Julia and Julia is the dvd to see. especially for you semi-pro bloggers.

Last night it was Alice in Wonderland, which I fell asleep after 20 mins (but my charges seemed to like it) tonight is Shutter Island.
This afternoon was "The Road" was good but very depressing.

Inception now thats a movie to see, Along with 4 Lions proberbly the best two films of the year.

Gaw said...

I only see new films at the cinema with the kids. But Toy Story 3 was very good indeed.

I shall order Julia and Julia - thanks. I've heard good things about Shutter Island and must get round to watching 4 Lions.

malty said...

Woody Allan appears to have gone to hell in a handcart ever since his ma-in-law Maureen O'sullivan, Mia's mater, attempted to admonish him with two house bricks, so furious was she at the treatment being meted out to her darling daughter who was herself no mean weirdo.
What a pair, the mother and son-in-law from hell. What a pair (2) did you see Maureen in the Tarzan movies?
Mia first appeared on the radar as the moppet in the 1960s TV soap Peyton Place, America's attempt at proving the theory of the penis as seaweed.
Will give An Education a try.