Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Urban fox hunting arrives

A group called Urban Fox Hunters has posted a video on the internet that appears to show a fox being clubbed to death in an east London park.
The video, which the group claims was shot in Victoria Park, appears to show the fox being drugged and chased before it is beaten with a cricket bat.
A spokesman for animal welfare group League Against Cruel Sports said: "If the video's true then we're horrified people are behaving in this way."

Whether this is an example of sporting cruelty conducted by sick vigilantes or humane pest extermination conducted by responsible citizens appears to be the question at issue. The court of public opinion - as well as an actual court - may well determine the answer.

And I suspect the participants have let themselves down by using a cricket bat. The use of something more joylessly functional would have been appropriate.


malty said...

No sane person claiming to be humane would have brandished their trophy like that, would they?
Hey ho the power of the internet, gives the sad people of this world one minute of fame.
Some of the fox huntin' set that I have stumbled across have been revolting. However, the banning of fox hunting was an act of pure class jealousy by a pure louse. The effect has been a worrying increase in the number of foxes with the attendant problems in the countryside, we live on the Eildon hills where fox seem to be outnumbering the rabbits. Not at the moment adding to the urban fox problem, it will eventually.

Gaw said...

I think the whole incident and the commentary around it highlights our society's various confusions and contradictions about fox hunting.

Most people would probably agree that some foxes should be destroyed. And drugging them and beating them to death may well be as humane (from the fox's perspective at least) as shooting or trapping and injecting. But it's the emotions of the people involved that's at the centre of this. It's not so much about the fox as about the people hunting them and their motivation.