Thursday, 2 September 2010

Gentlemen who share beds

Gentlemen sharing beds, you say? May I direct you to this pertinent post?


Brit said...

A fine post, that one. Must have been before I discovered Ragbag.

Sean said...

one man I would not share a bed with, even if I was in a bunker with scuds landing all around me or far from home and had just found out my brother and his wife had died in a road accident is the vile shit purveyor in chief Max Clifford.

Why is this maggot wheeled out on such occasions? I though he had cancer, or is he the cancer?

Jon in France said...

Well. Indeed.

Chaps being in close proximity to other chap's bottoms while in a pyjama situation...always a sticky wicket... open to misinterpetation...nod as good as wink to blind bat... no smoke without fire.

But the hair's all wrong. Can't be gay with a haircut like that. Wouldn't be natural.