Thursday, 23 September 2010

Please don't try this at home

Amateur artists are often inspired to copy the masters. There must be very many conservatory impressionists working up pictures inspired by Matisse, Monet and Renoir. Now it looks like contemporary art is encouraging a degree of popular imitation:
Modern art makes a change from a fleet of noisy sports cars and screeching WAGs but the choice of garden decoration by Derby County’s stopper Stephen Bywater has won him no fans.

Instead of monogrammed electric gates and a Ferrari the championship goalkeeper created and displayed a piece of erotic artwork in his garden.

The makeshift exhibition, which included wind chimes, a blow-up doll embellished with rubber genitalia and a portable toilet covered in graffiti, were described by ‘eyesores’ by his neighbours and last night the keeper covered his handiwork with tarpaulins.

One of the mottos, painted on the side of a disused toilet block, coupled with a bright blue horse box, reads “piece and love” (sic).

I suppose it's remarkable in its way that the amateur installer is a professional footballer, a group until now not noted for their interest in transgressive conceptual art. But I guess one of the beauties of this sort of thing is how accessible it is.

H/t Fearraigh.


malty said...

Hmmm, blue tarpaulin as erotic art, must be the road cone, they are made in Bury y'know.
Well then, Cantona thought himself an artist albeit a wordy one but there again, he liked kicking members of the crowd in the teeth. And why not, can we picture Wayne, besmocked in a Paris garret, pallette in one hand, two hookers in the other, knocking out a copy of Perpignan station.

No, not really

Although singers and musicians like having a bash, in the recent excellent and revealing documentary about Herb Alpert he was shown to be a sculptor, well a sort of a sculptor, he held exhibitions and his missus thought that they were good.

Sean said...

Funny but this is funnier

Brit said...

A few years ago I witnessed Bywater utter the word c**t on Sky's 'Goals on Sunday' football highlights show. It was hilarious, because in fact, he nearly said it, thought hard, then spelled it out, as if that would make it ok.

He explained that a manager had advised him "not to be a SEE YOU EN TEE to myself" after some poor performances. The presenters looked blank but just carried on as if it hadn't happened.

Not the brightest spark.

Gaw said...

Malty, I think the tarpaulin is there for modesty's sake and more's the pity. And not just because artistic self-censorship is thought of as a bad thing.

Now you mention it, isn't Rooney the spit of Jackson Pollock?

Sean, I'm so glad I don't live, in town or country, anywhere near any professional footballers. Seeing people like that around would ruin my day.

Brit: Great anecdote! At least he spelt it correctly. Unlike piece, as in love and.