Thursday, 28 October 2010

Tales from the riverbank

The Tales from Bibury Shop blog is back. And there's more intriguing news of riverbank developments:
...I have noticed that the grass around the river banks is often streaked with a silvery deposit. I have worked out that this is heron poo. As they take flight from a morning's fishing they almost always emit a long streak of sparkling deposit. On closer inspection the poo is entirely composed of fish scales which contrasts vividly with the lush green grass.

If you don't like hearing about that sort of thing there's something wrong with you.


Pearl said...

Well that there is just good information to have on hand!



Gaw said...

Yes, Pearl - I shall now scan every riverbank I come across looking for a silvery deposit.

fiction-books said...

Hi Gaw,

I'm not really too keen on the niceties of the heron.

We have two large garden ponds, one of 'normal' sized goldfish, one with 'super sized' koi, so a visit from the heron is not a welcome site.

Fishing wire has proved to be a reasonable deterrent this season, although the neighbour's cat does like to try his hand fishing from the edge if he can get away without being spotted


Gaw said...

I wish we could shoot them but they're protected. There's far too many of the things.