Monday, 11 October 2010

Writing's on the wall for wool

Preparing to celebrate Wool Week yesterday, I was amazed to learn from the enthusiastic Lucy Siegle (right, in a non-wool scarf) that there are question marks over the sustainability of wool:
It's too much of a stretch to say that wool is highly sustainable (there's the animal exploitation, for starters, though the industry claims excellent welfare conditions for all its 1bn sheep), but it is compostable and water resistant. 
Yes, there's been a question mark over sheep farming for a while now. Those Arcadian Shepherds really were on to something:


Brit said...

At The Big Sheep in Devon (highly recommended for tinies) they sheared a sheep and informed us that the whole fleece, which is quite a lot of wool, sells for 50p.

zmkc said...

Lucy Siegle is very silly.
The little Gaws plus Tiny Brit might like this:

Sir Watkin said...

Too true, Brit. Alas, the fleece, once so important, is little more than a waste product now.