Thursday, 16 December 2010

A touch of class

Our Julie:
The clever working-class youth of this country has been socially and spiritually "kettled" - hemmed in, suffocated and stifled...

Class politics had something going for it, you know.


fiction-books said...

Hi Gaw,

I loved Julie's parting shot in that article...

"Swing on THAT, you useless brat!"

Just about sums it all up.

I didn't go to university either, but boy, would I like to have had the opportunity to attend one lecture a week for three LOOONG years, have all that terrible free time to lounge around and bemoan my lot, then get let loose on some unsuspecting employer who really doesn't give a t**s about your fantastic media degree!!!


Gaw said...

I've never liked students very much, not even when I was one (and I was one for a rather long time).

Brit said...

As usual, absurd over-exaggeration makes Julie a good read but spoils her (valid) point. She could've been a contender if she'd ever known when to rein it in.