Friday, 10 December 2010

Where were the household cavalry?

The heir to the throne and his consort under attack? Isn't this the traditional response?

But as this didn't happen the news coverage seems a bit disproportionate. If you drive into a riot surely you can expect to get your car jostled. Anyway no harm done, at least to them.

UPDATE: Just remembered I wrote this about young graduates and how things suck for them. Things have got worse. Blame the baby boomers?


Sean said...

Is babyboomer pre 1965 or does it include 1965, as I am sept.1965.

I guess I am going to need an excuse when we descend into Pol Pots year Zero which is pretty much what the Anarchists want, mind you I am pretty well tooled up so at least I will be able to take a few of the question time zombies out.

zmkc said...

The problem is there in the second dot point of your other post - a target of 50% of school leavers going to university. There is absolutely no way that makes sense. And yet I believe our government has exactly the same aim.

Richard T said...

I thought I saw that the Cossacks were away charging down the protesters.

Gaw said...

Sean: I'm on the cusp too at 1966. I think we caught the tail-end of the gravy. Somehow I didn't doubt you had contingency plans.

Z: I haven't checked but I think you're right - they're justifying charging higher fees as this means they won't have to cut back on increased numbers. Could be the worst of both worlds: more graduates with more debt.

Richard T: You remind me of the scene in Dr Zhivago where the Cossacks charge some protestors in the street. Zhivago's brother - a student - has his cheek cut and ends up a Bolshevik revolutionary. Great scene - I hope the parallels aren't too close.

Richard T said...

Well repression is the quickest way to create trouble makers. V I Lenin anyone?

zmkc said...

What I find baffling is that, at least in this country, the party of the working man is the party that pushes the idea that a university education is the pinnacle of achievement, rather than focussing on the creativity and skill involved in mastery of a trade. Instead of elevating the ability to understand and manipulate technology to the same level as being able to understand management theory, they have enshrined the idea that being a plumber is lowly and being a Bachelor of Economics and Social Studies is vastly superior. I cannot understand this.

Gaw said...

Richard: Of course, objectively we're a long way from the situation that gave birth to that monster. But I think what's striking about, for instance, AQ's British recruits is how subjectivity is all that matters.

Z: I suspect the confusion arises from the description 'party of the working man'.