Wednesday, 2 March 2011

A Non-Lovey speaks

Great interview with the Greatest Living Expatriate Englishman:
Given how many great films you’ve made, does it disappoint you when people want to talk about the ones that didn’t do so well?
No, what annoys me is when, as happened today, you’re doing a day’s worth of interviews and the very first question you’re asked if, “Why did you make Jaws: The Revenge?” When things like that happen, the interview becomes very short indeed.
Just out of interest, how did you reply?
I just said what I’ve always said – I made it because they paid me a lot of money! It’s like when people ask me why I made The Swarm – I made The Swarm because my mother needed a house to live in. Then I made Jaws 4 because she was lonely and I needed to buy her a bigger house which she could live in with all of her friends. It’s that simple.



David Thompson said...

It’s hard not to like Mr Caine.

Gaw said...

It's amusing to read about his interactions with Marco Pierre White (they're no longer on speakers). One infers the tempestuous chef met his match and more. Dealing successfully with Hollywood for as long as he has (at least in financial terms) must teach you a lot.

David Thompson said...

Setting aside the acting and moral pragmatism, I quite like Caine’s ability to irritate Seumas Milne, thereby revealing the less edifying motives of many on the left.

Banished To A Pompous Land said...

'Greatest Living Expatriate Englishman'? I thought that was me. But anyway...

He is indeed hard to dislike. You have to love an honest man.

And he ran the best movie acting masterclass I ever saw. Back in the 90s(?) for the Beeb. Lesson one dont smoke in movies unless you have to cos yer fag keeps changing length. Not a lot of people knew that.

Gaw said...

I saw the same Masterclass and have respected Caine's acting ever since. What he was capable of communicating with a flick of the eyes or a raise of the eyebrows was a revelation.